You’ll be a man, my son.

Advertising that finds a little truth finds a lot of favour.

That’s why I think this commercial for Old Spice is a winner (beyond the recognition it garnered for Wieden + Kennedy at the recent Cannes Festival of Creativity).

It’s beautifully layered, as a piece of film, with something new to discover on every pass.

But I enjoy two insights in particular that make it resonate with me.

First is that it recognises that Old Spice is the “smell of a man” because, yes, our dads wore it.

It’s a brand that was enormously popular in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

But somehow it lost the sweet smell of success and the brand all but disappeared.

It’s back with a bang now though, with a quirky global campaign that does everything but take itself seriously.

This piece is a lament that “Old Sice has sprayed a man on our boy”, which taps into the heritage of brand.

But more (super cool insight number 2) it chuckles at the different way mothers and fathers react to their son’s journey through life.

Watch it more than once, listen to the words, enjoy the casting, note the timing. It’s a treat.






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